Legacy Networkers 

For those of you that are already apart of the BNI Group Legacy Networkers, thank you!  For the people that are new or a visitor, we would like to come back for a second visit.

We meet at 11:30 AM-1PM at GenuWine Tasting Room.  

Anyone else that is a business owner that is wanting to see their business grow more should also attend at least once.  In 90 minutes a week you could have 20+ sales employees that help achieve more business.  The best apart is the only payments that are accepted are givers gain.  You give and pass business to others in the group without worrying about what you will receive back.   Helping others will help your business grow from BNI  *KARMA =what goes around comes back around at some point in time.  Being apart of Legacy Networkers everyone is accountable for their actions and productivity.  We would like to welcome you to come to our meeting. 

Click here to see LEGACY NETWORKERS at the  BNI WEBSITE 

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