Top 3 Reasons to use Hand Nails on Shingles vs. a Nail Gun

  • No over driven nails with ease
  • Better workmanship 
  • Consistency 

  One thing I think we can all agree on, that in Texas the heat is over bearing at times.   Especially, as a construction worker or for that matter a Roofer installing asphalt or metal shingles.   Asphalt shingles heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer.    Picking a shingle up after being in the sun for 20 min. or less, the shingle becomes very flimsy unlike when the weather is cool the shingle is hard. 

  Since, we now know what heat does to the shingle.  Let's dive into the topic of "over driven nails"- meaning that when nail fastener goes through the shingle.  So what's holding the shingle on your roof with a nail that is just an over driven fastener?  Not much.... wouldn't you think?  Now, let us add the wonderful Texas heat and use of a nail gun.  Can you imagine 90psi or higher/lower hitting a shingle in this Texas heat.  CUTS ASPHALT LIKE BUTTER!!   This is probably one of the biggest reasons that I do not use Nail Guns on Silver Fox Roofing's projects.  We care about you and our work.  

   The meat of the subject REVEALS itself to the people that care about their family and friends having, "the best asphalt roofing job in their area!"  Gaining control of sub-contractors in the construction world has to be one of the best ways to insure quality control with your customers.  Since, I don't allow my sub-contractors aka "kids" to use guns to my roof (ludicrous... I know!!!!).  I have gained control and help them have BETTER WORKMANSHIP by having the use the good old fashion hand nail.  A few things that are better are; the placement of the nails on the shingle, the number of nails going in the shingle, and reducing the risk of accidents on the job.

  Last, consistency is what every child needs and so does a businesses and their customers.  Your customers want the same quality from start to finish.  A business must be consistent with their work to sustain a creditable reputation and continue to gain new and referred customers.  Now, give us a call and let us consistently nail your friend's, family's, and your home's roof!  

                                                                       - Micah Coston 

                                                                          Owner of Silver Fox Roofing & Remodeling LLC

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    Tom (Saturday, 10 October 2015 23:53)

    Good information.